My 1 Dollar Business

Introducing:  My 1 Dollar Business

My 1 Dollar Business is a great new opportunity that costs you as little as $1 to join!  This is a great way for new marketers to learn how to market an opportunity.  Experienced marketers will see this as a no-brainer.  While the cost is low, the benefits are outstanding!

My 1 Dollar Business

Get Coupons

My 1 Dollar BusinessWhen you join, you will get access to hundreds of dollars worth of coupons.  The amount you save with these coupons, will more than cover the $1 per month you spend on this opportunity!


Get In On the Ground Floor

This opportunity has not launched yet.  You can only get in by private invitation!  This gives you the chance to start building your business before the official launch!  Additionally, you can receive all the benefits now!

Free Prescription Savings CardMy 1 Dollar Business

Would you like to save up to 90% on your prescriptions?  Maybe you know someone who could use a free prescription savings card.  Either way, this is just another benefit of joining My 1 Dollar Business.

Save on Travel and Hotels

How would you like to save on travel and hotel expenses?  This is a $29.95 value with complete access for joining.  Additionally, this is an International Benefit!

Earn Commissions

When you tell other people about the program and they join under you, you will have the opportunity to earn commissions.  This, in turn, will put you through the various phases of the program.

Helping others is the true path to success!

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Disclaimer:   “We do not guarantee results of any kind. Only information on the corporate website is deemed to be accurate.”