Christian Affirmations

How Christian Affirmations Will Help You Become A Positive Person… Full Of Spiritual Confidence With More Godly Esteem… Without Worldly Negative Thinking!

Experienced Christians Want It and New Christians Need It…

With Christian Affirmations, you will learn how to build a more positive life.

  • Get rid of your negative beliefs
  • Affirmations in agreement with God’s word
  • A reminder of who your are in the Lord
  • Amazing insight into God’s loving character
  • Affirmations that lift your spiritual life

Break Free From Your Limited Beliefs

Have you ever seen a massive big elephant roped by one leg to a stake in the ground?

That tiny rope around that little peg keeps the elephant secure. This massive big elephant that can cause so much destruction with it’s strength, who can knock over trees and move huge obstacles can not escape from one small rope.


Because from a baby it was tied to that stake. When it was young, it would have felt pain every time it tried to escape. This became so ingrained into it’s subsconscious mind. So that even after it has grown up to be more powerful, the elephant still thinks it is trapped.

What about the story of the flee in the jar?

If you put flees in a jar they jump up and down and escape. With the lid on the jar they jump and hit the lid. Eventually, they become conditioned to jump just high enough that they don’t hit the lid.

After a while, when the lid is removed they still jump a little lower to where the lid was. They can now escape, there is no longer a lid there, yet because of their previous experience which has formulated their limiting belief they stay trapped in the jar.

We Can Be Like The Elephant and The Flea!

Perhaps you are suffering from low self esteem, self hatred, sadness, fear of rejection, or continuous “bad luck” because of things that happened to you years ago. Perhaps you think you are not good enough, you are hopeless, you will never amount to anything, and so on.

Where did this ingrained belief come from?

There could be a myriad of answers however the fact is that someone, something, some circumstance has placed a small rope around your leg and made you think you can not escape. At sometime in your life, you have had a lid placed above you which has made you think you can’t reach the same heights as everyone else.

The Bible says, we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us!

It is time to reprogram your mind from the defective worldly program that has been installed and replaced with the Godly program. The mind of Christ…

Can Affirmations be Your Passport to Happiness?

Sadly most people are living in the country of negativity and sadness and while they may always dream about traveling to that wonderful destination called happiness they have no passport to get there. Affirmations can be your passport to help you gain entry into that happy place. A passport can take you places. With a passport you can travel all over the world and see things you would never normally see.

Affirmations Can Help You See Things In A Totally Different Light…

Remove The Negative Worldly Lies That Are Holding You Back And Replace Them With Godly Truths…

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Christian Affirmations

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